Christian Therapy

1891839589You know you need help, but…

It’s scary!

Where can you turn?

Who can you trust?

No matter what you’re struggling with, TADAS invites you to request Christian therapy to get you through it.

Inviting Christ into your sessions…

It can be a game-changer.

Sure, we’ve seen many people improve their lives without bringing faith into the therapy space.

But deep healing and transformation take place in the soul. You might seek the counsel of an elder or leader at church, but most ministers have little, if any, proper training in counseling.

A professional counselor with experience incorporating faith into your treatment can make all the difference.

1059981530God developed your psyche…

So, it’s natural to draw from His wisdom and strength when we want to make changes in our lives.

He knows why you are where you are now… and all the twists and turns and sources of your struggles.

By putting Christ at the center of your journey, you’ll draw closer to God, opening up decision-making that makes you feel secure and supported in your choices.

Our job is to listen and facilitate this change.

What Christian therapy is NOT…

It’s not a formula to follow. You won’t be told to “Do A, B, and C, and you can have it.”

It’s not telling you what to do. That’s between you and God. We’re here to help you invite Him into your sessions.

Scripture will guide us, but Christian therapy isn’t about beating you over the head with it.

And Christian therapy doesn’t mean you throw away science and psychology. God invented them both, and we’ll use them to help you heal.

This isn’t “the wisdom of the universe.”

It’s a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do not know Christ but want to, we can help you there, too.

If Christian therapy sounds appealing, please reach out, and we’ll schedule a free consultation.

And if it doesn’t, call us anyway… and just don’t ask for it!

We look forward to meeting you: (248) 284-6050.