192268817You’ve been struggling for a while.

You just aren’t healing as fast as you’d like. Maybe you’re even going to therapy, but it’s not enough. Or maybe you aren’t going to heal until you actually can get some sleep…

So, you’re charged up and ready to put the work in and make changes FAST.

But you don’t want to involve prescriptions that only temporarily cover symptoms (and cause others).

We have the boost you’re looking for!

It’s called neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is a medication-free, non-invasive treatment that directly addresses the actual source of many mental health problems: how your brain has wired itself based on your experiences.

Yup, your brain is a reflection of what you’ve gone through.

This causes imbalances in the quantity and location of various brain waves. While it took years and years to get where you are now…

…Neurofeedback can help rewire and balance your brain relatively quickly.

Neurofeedback ImgA calmer, more focused, happier you.

Most professional sports teams provide neurofeedback for their athletes. Why? Among other things, neurofeedback helps them focus, improving their ability to perform under stress.

In fact, published research repeatedly shows an average of 70% improvement for a wide array of symptoms, like:

Focus and ADD/ADHD…

Anxiety and depression…

Trauma and PTSD…

Sleep issues…

Memory problems…

Stress, and more…

You might be thinking, “Sounds incredible! Why haven’t I heard about this before?”

Honestly – we don’t know. It has been around for nearly 50 years, and many studies have proven its effectiveness.

But it does require advanced training and equipment. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered!

Neru 1Shifting your brain waves for more optimal functioning…

We use neurological brain mapping equipment (the kind hospitals use to locate seizure activity or sleep problems) to identify the patterns in your brain contributing to your symptoms. Simply put, we map how your brain is functioning.

Then, we use the same equipment to teach you how to control or change that activity to a more balanced state. From your end, it’s literally playing games or watching a show.

Yes, you heard us correctly:

You can play games or watch a show on your smartphone or tablet with neurofeedback to improve how your brain functions.

Neu 2It’s SO easy.

You’ll be at home (or on vacation or wherever), and our specialists will control the programming.

We’ll monitor your progress and coach you remotely. All you have to do is participate in the brain training and allow it to do its job.

For some, we’ll focus on activating parts of their brain that have been underperforming for decades. For others, it means learning how to calm overly active parts of the brain associated with their “fight or flight” response.

When you do neurofeedback, you’re still you and have the same opinions and ideas, but your approach to things shifts. It’s not so stressful anymore.

Just set aside 20-30 minutes for a session, relax, and let it happen. It might be challenging at first, but we’ll be there to encourage you and get you in the swing of it.

Neu4Take advantage of this powerful tool!

With neurofeedback, you can accomplish what it would take YEARS to achieve in talk therapy (if you’re lucky). Paired with talk therapy – well… you’ll be on the fast track to healing!

Imagine feeling calmer and more focused.

Think of how quickly solutions will come to your balanced, uncluttered mind.

With neurofeedback, you can even sleep better!

Almost everyone who tries neurofeedback masters it quickly.

Let’s see if you’re a good candidate and discuss the possibilities!

Call us, and we’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation to learn more: (248) 284-6050.