Medication-Free ADHD Treatment

421813117If you’re on TikTok and Instagram…

You’ve probably been led to believe you have ADHD.

Maybe even your physician told you that you have ADHD.

Or your child’s teacher is telling you it’s ADHD, and you should put them on medication.

But that doesn’t sit right with you.

You want a medication-free approach.

Here’s the thing: Diagnoses are only right 40% of the time! That’s right: 40 percent! That means you could flip a coin and be right more often!

That’s because almost all diagnoses are based on behaviors, not the root cause. Many things can cause the same behaviors, but nobody is looking for the cause – things like anxiety, unprocessed trauma… even dyslexia.

How can I be sure?

No single test says yes or no, but there are ways to be much more thorough than a simple behavioral review.

645923161Medication is NOT the only way to improve.

It’s an option, but it’s often not the best option.

You’re probably surprised to hear that because almost all we ever hear about is meds. That and the fact that only a few therapists stay on top of the latest in neurophysiology and emerging treatments.

But we do at TADAS. We’re part of a small, emerging group open to changing old approaches…

That’s why all of our ADHD treatments are medication-free.

Help is here.

And it doesn’t have nasty side effects.

We have many highly effective approaches (especially neurofeedback) that will give you long-lasting results.

We would love to meet you and tell you more about how we can help.

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