Grief and Loss

751190Life as you knew it is over.

It may be the loss of a loved one…

… or a dream you had to let go of.

Maybe a relationship… or a job… or a home…

It may go further back than that. It may be grief over how things should have been but weren’t. You deserved better… but didn’t get it.

Things will never be the same again.

The pain is deep… and intense.

Each day is another challenge to go on…

And you can’t stop asking yourself, “Why?”

2297174081“It” catches you suddenly.

The sorrow, regret, guilt, or disappointment set in without warning.

Sometimes, it’s embarrassing, so you try to hide it.

Others just don’t get it. They want you to be happy – to go on.

But it’s just not that easy… at all.

We all experience grief and loss, but…

Our culture doesn’t walk through it with us.

It’s uncomfortable for them. Nobody is prepared or taught what to say or do, so they say nothing.

They shy away, afraid of saying the wrong thing or something glib intended to help.

But it doesn’t. It can’t.

270477641So, we get stuck holding onto our pain.

You put on the face you think they expect to see, even when you feel VERY differently inside.

And when what’s inside is regret or feeling “disrespectful” for “moving on” – even for laughing – it can be downright debilitating.

You need some place to unpack your grief.

That’s why we’re here.

You need someone to bear witness to your suffering (we all do):

Someone who you won’t feel you’re “burdening” – someone who welcomes and encourages you to release what’s inside without judgment.

We listen… we accept… and when appropriate, we guide.

You’re safe here, and we’re ready to support you.

Please give us a call. We can schedule a free consultation to talk more about how we can help: (248) 284-6050.